R-Alpha Lipoic Acid (R-ALA) Helps with Weight Loss

R-ALA showing promise as a weight loss supplement.  A new double blind placebo controlled trial on humans demonstrates that R-ALA can cause a decrease in BMI around 5% and a decrease in fat loss around 8.6-9.4% but what is R-ALA (Bobe et al., 2020).

R-ALA is the active form of ALA and is a supplement that can be found in supplement stores or purchases online, but what does it do?

Increases Levels of Glutathione:

Glutathione is your bodies primary intracellular antioxidant and a major detoxifier in your body.  Deficient production of glutathione may not only lead to an increase in oxidative damage to your body, but also a poor ability for your body to detoxify itself.

Recycles Vitamin E and C:

Through it's effect on glutathione, R-ALA increases the motion of a cascade that uses glutathione to recycle vitamin C, and then uses vitamin C to recycle Vitamin E.  R-ALA provides a boost to that cycle. 

Effect on Blood sugar:

R-ALA may reduce blood sugar, improve insulin sensitivity and reduce triglycerides (Ghelani et al., 2017).   Because of the potential for these effects on blood sugar, people prone to hypoglycemia or taking insulin should exercise caution with this supplement as it may contribute to low blood sugar.


R-ALA is the active form of ALA and also the most bioactive.  With all these positive benefits it is a great supplement to add to your regimen.  Just remember that not everyone needs every supplement.  Just because a supplement works for some doesn't mean it will work for all.  It is always a good idea to get tested to find out what your body actually needs.


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